ArroChem President, David Hostetler, Featured in SOCMA Member Spotlight

JUNE 6, 2023 - Mt. Holly, NC: We are excited to share that ArroChem, your trusted partner for industrial chemical blending, private labeling, and toll manufacturing, has been highlighted in the Specialty Chemicals Manufacturers and Distributors Association's (SOCMA) Member Spotlight.

Our President, David Hostetler, had an engaging conversation with Jenny Gaines, SOCMA's Senior Director, Membership & Engagement. In the feature, David chronicles ArroChem's evolution from its foundation as a textile chemicals provider in 1977 to its present status as a globally recognized, ISO 9001-certified custom chemical blender.

David emphasizes the significance of smart, strategic growth, particularly focusing on niche markets requiring higher-level manufacturing expertise. This strategy has positioned us to provide unparalleled value to our customers and enhance our overall business model.

He also reveals his pride in our early pioneering achievements, such as developing a custom software system still in use today and being among the first in the industry to launch a company website.

Addressing future industry trends, David highlighted the potential impact of globalization on supply chains, a reality made all the more relevant by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, he remains resolutely optimistic about ArroChem's future, outlining plans for capacity expansion and a potential second location in the coming years.

"I'm very optimistic about our path ahead at ArroChem!" Hostetler concluded. 

To learn more about ArroChem and our journey, we invite you to read the full interview on the SOCMA website or explore our website at


About ArroChem

ArroChem is a Mount Holly, NC-based, family-owned business specializing in industrial chemical blending, private labeling, and toll manufacturing services. Since its establishment in 1977, ArroChem has expanded its services and market presence, standing today as a globally recognized, ISO 9001 certified custom chemical blender. ArroChem remains committed to quality and integrity in their manufacturing processes, ensuring customers receive the right product, made the right way, 100% of the time.