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ArroChem’s Silicone Emulsion 3% is a water-based emulsion formulated to provide a silicone coating with a low silicone content for various applications. It offers mild water repellency and lubrication while maintaining a balanced and cost-effective composition.

General Characteristics:


Chemical Composition:

Solubility in Water, 25°C:


Specific Gravity:   


Milky white liquid

Silicone-based polymer emulsion


20-100 cSt (centistokes) at 25°C

0.88 - 0.92 g/cm³ at 25°C


Silicone Emulsion 3% is suitable for a range of applications across different industries, especially where a low silicone content is desired. Some common uses include:

  • Water Repellent Coating: It can be applied to fabrics, paper, and other porous materials to provide mild water repellency, protecting them from moisture to some extent.
  • Lubricant: Silicone Emulsion 3% can act as a mild lubricant for certain applications, reducing friction and improving the ease of movement for various components.
  • Release Agent: It can be used as a release agent in specific molding processes to aid in the demolding of rubber and plastic products.
  • Textile Treatment: This emulsion finds application in textile treatments to enhance the softness and smoothness of fabrics.
  • Household Products: Silicone Emulsion 3% is used in the formulation of various household products, such as surface cleaners and polishes, to provide a protective coating and improve shine.



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