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ArroChem’s Silicone Emulsion 35% is a water-based emulsion formulated to provide a versatile and effective silicone coating for various surfaces. It contains 35% silicone content, which imparts excellent water repellency, lubricity, and protective properties.

General Characteristics:


Chemical Composition:

Solubility in Water, 25°C:


Specific Gravity:   


Milky white liquid

Silicone-based polymer emulsion


500-2000 cSt (centistokes) at 25°C

0.97 - 1.03 g/cm³ at 25°C


Silicone Emulsion 35% finds wide application across various industries due to its unique properties. Some common uses include:

  • Water Repellent Coating: It can be applied on fabrics, leather, paper, and other porous substrates to impart water repellency, making them resistant to water and moisture.
  • Mold Release Agent: Due to its non-stick properties, it is used as a mold release agent in rubber and plastic molding processes, preventing adhesion and facilitating easy demolding.
  • Lubricant: It acts as an effective lubricant for various applications, such as in the textile industry, reducing friction and improving the smoothness of fibers.
  • Surface Protectant: Silicone Emulsion 35% can be applied on surfaces like metals and plastics to form a protective layer against environmental factors, preventing corrosion and enhancing durability.



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