Do You Need to Watch Your VOC's?

As the EPA and other environmental agencies continue to have a strong focus on regulation enforcement, you may need to start watching your Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s), Toxic Air Pollutants (TAP’s), and photochemically reactive chemical emissions more closely.

In fact, if you are using products like Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) & Methanol, then you are using products that are 100% VOC reportable to EPA. If you are exceeding the emission limits or just want to move to a more environmentally friendly alternative, the technical staff at ArroChem can help.

Our technical folks can help you identify those products that you are currently using that have the highest content of reportable chemicals and make suggestions on how to reduce or eliminate the amount of chemicals you have report under SARA 313 and 311.

A prime example of how we have already helped some of our customers is in the Lithographic Printing industry.
In this industry it is very common to clean up equipment and rollers with chemicals like IPA, MEK, or other high VOC content blanket or press washes.

Many of our customers have significantly reduced or eliminated reportable emissions by switching to ArroChem’ s new EnviroWash which contains less than 1% VOC’s and no HAP’s, TAP’s, or photochemically reactive chemicals.

EnviroWash is a solvent based product which gives the consumer similar handling to what is commonly used. ArroChem has also produced water-based press washes and vegetable oil-based press washes. Both are water miscible and cleaning strength can be adjusted by dilution depending on the ink being used. It addition we developed alternative fountain solutions which can dramatically reduce VOC emissions compared to using the conventional IPA based product.