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Calcium Scale Remover

Calcium Scale Remover facilitates the removal of scale and grease from metal surfaces by lowering the pH and breaking down the scale in order to loosen it from the surface.

Citrus Mastic Remover

Citrus Mastic Remover  effectively removes black mastic from concrete and wood floors. It is also an excellent adhesive and glue remover for non-painted surfaces.

Crigel Blue Power Stripper

Crigel Blue Power Stripper is a high-tech, solvent based gel stripper designed to strip paints, acrylic coatings, alkyd-based coatings and some urethane coatings.

Graffiti & Adhesive Remover

Graffiti Remover is a high-tech, biodegradable product. It is designed to strip coatings and adhesives such as spray paints and permanent markers, from metal, concrete, brick and painted surfaces without the offensive odor.


Industrial Deck Stripper and Cleaner

Industrial Deck Stripper and Cleaner is an extremely aggressive caustic stripping solution developed for stripping water and oil-based paints stains, and varnishes.

Label and Adhesive Remover

Label and Adhesive Remover removes adhesive backed labels in the production environment.

Resin Rid Stripper

Resin Rid is a specially formulated stripper designed to completely remove tough resins from metal surfaces.

Safety Adhesive Remover Gel

Safety Adhesive Remover Gel is a gel-based solvent solution that rapidly removes adhesives from surfaces.

Silicone Remover

Silicone Remover is a non-hazardous, high tech silicone remover that can be used on plastic parts, molds, equipment and floors.

Space Adhesive Remover

Space Adhesive Remover is low VOC Cleaner that improves safety in the pressroom by softening and removing both water & solvent based adhesives from printing rollers, plates and other printing equipment.

Tank and Line Scale Remover

Tank and Line Scale Remover lowers the pH which causes the scale and grease to loosen by hydrolyzing the dirt and calcium scale.