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ArroChem’s Aromatic 150 is a type of aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, specifically in the C10-C13 carbon range. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a characteristic aromatic odor. Aromatic 150 is widely used in various industrial applications, including agricultural, paint and coatings, adhesives, rubber processing, and chemical synthesis.

General Characteristics:


Chemical Composition:

Solubility in Water, 25°C:

Flash Point:     

Specific Gravity:

Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Aromatic hydrocarbons

Insoluble; soluble with most organic solvents.


.89-.91 g/cm3


Aromatic 150 finds various applications across industries due to its solvency and compatibility with a wide range of materials. Key applications include:

  • Paint and Coatings: Used as a solvent in paints, varnishes, enamels, and coatings to improve viscosity and flow characteristics.
  • Adhesives and Sealants: Included in adhesive and sealant formulations to enhance bonding and improve tack.
  • Rubber and Polymer Processing: Used as a process oil in rubber compounding and polymer manufacturing.
  • Chemical Synthesis: Utilized as a reaction medium or solvent in chemical synthesis and industrial processes.



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