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ArroChem’s DDBSA (Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid) is an organic sulfonic acid with a linear alkyl chain consisting of 12 carbon atoms. It is widely used as a surfactant and emulsifier in various industrial and household cleaning formulations. DDBSA is commonly found in detergent manufacturing, household cleaners, and industrial cleaning agents due to its excellent cleaning and foaming properties.

General Characteristics:


Solubility in Water, 25°C:

pH, 1% Solution: 

Specific Gravity:             

Active Content:

Clear brownish liquid

Partially soluble in water, forms clear acidic solutions

~2.5 - 3.5

~1.03 - 1.05 g/cm³ at 25°C (77°F)

96.00 – 100.00


DDBSA finds diverse applications across different industries, including but not limited to the following:

  • Detergents and Cleaners: Used as a primary surfactant in detergent formulations for its excellent cleaning and foaming properties.
  • Emulsifiers: Acts as an emulsifier and wetting agent in various emulsion formulations, aiding in the dispersion of immiscible substances.
  • Industrial Cleaning Agents: Employed in industrial cleaning agents for its strong degreasing and cleaning capabilities.
  • Textile and Leather Industry: Used as a leveling agent and wetting agent in dyeing processes for textiles and leather.
  • Agriculture: DDBSA is utilized in the formulation of agricultural products, such as herbicides and insecticides.



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