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ArroChem’s TDA-6 is a high-performance surfactant product used as a detergent, emulsifier, wetting agent & degreaser with relatively low foam. TDA-6 is a versatile chemical compound known for its applications in various industrial processes.

General Characteristics:


Chemical Composition:

Ionic Nature:  

Solubility in Water, 25°C:


Specific Gravity:                        

Clear Translucent Liquid

Six-mole ethoxylate of isotridecyl alcohol



270-280 cSt at 25C°

.97 - .98 g/cm³


TDA - 6 finds various applications in numerous industries, including but not limited to the following:

  • Textile Processing: TDA-6 is employed as a wetting and dispersing agent in textile processing, enhancing dye penetration and color uniformity.
  • Plastic Additive: TDA-6 serves as a plasticizer and processing aid, improving the flow properties and workability of plastic formulations.
  • Paper Processing: In paper manufacturing, TDA-6 is used as a surface modifier, enhancing ink receptivity and print quality.
  • Metal Cleaning: TDA-6 finds application as a metal cleaner by facilitating the removal of oils and contaminants from metal surfaces.



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